Do Wine Glasses Matter?

Aug 11, 2023by Andrew Lowry

Yes they do! 

More than you think, but not as much as people say. 

This will be a quick and easy blog post. 

There are sooooo many wine glasses out there all suited for one specific type of wine (they usually differ by grape varietal). 

So the down and dirty pseudoscientific answer is that YES, wine glasses matter.

A red wine benefits from being in a proper red wine glass VERY SLIGHTLY, but noticeably. The aromatics are really the thing of concern here. 

If you didn’t know, wine is the second most complex liquid on earth (molecularly speaking) second only to blood.

There are polyphenols and esters and alcohols and blah blah blah

All these compounds are very volatile and actually evaporate from the wine (this is why people swirl their wine to help volatilize these compounds that we love to smell).

A red wine benefits from a wide bowl and a narrow opening so that these compounds can intermix with oxygen and then be funneled nicely to your nose. Here’s a great video from our good friend Bryan Babbitt (Bottles with Babbitt) where he goes over the parts of a wine glass.



Really wine can be enjoyed in ANY vessel. Red Solo Cups are tried and true and LWC approved — in the right circumstances. :)

The only thing we urge you to do most of the time and when convenient, is to grab a universal wine glass. The two most important things when it comes to wine glasses are:

1. That it has a stem. This is so that your body heat doesn’t excessively warm up the wine inside the glass because wine is more enjoyable when had at the proper temperature.

2. That it has a large bowl. That is, when 5 ounces of wine are poured into the glass, there is still plenty of empty space above it to allow the oxygen to intermix with the wine below. 


So in sum, wine glasses do matter, but you don’t need a fancy one to have 98% of the same experience as you would have using a normal beverage vessel.

With that being said. 80% of the time, we like to drink wine out of a wine glass of some sort (with a stem), but as for the other 20%, heck we would shoey wine all day it’s so delicious. 

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