How to Host a Blind Wine Tasting Party

Jan 18, 2024by Andrew Lowry

Blind wine tasting parties are so fun and something we love to do with friends at our house. It’s easy to play along, learn a little about wine, and side conversations and tangents are what make the experience even better! 

Keep reading to see how we throw our blind wine tasting parties!

Telling your friends what to bring:

So this part is easy — the price of admission is a bottle of wine.

Tell your friends to bring their favorite bottle of wine to your house in order to play. You can put a price cap on the bottles if you want, or you can request that people stick to a certain wine region when picking out their bottle of wine.

In the past, we’ve just asked our friends to bring any bottle of wine they want, but in the future, we now know that picking a wine region and establishing a price range will definitely make things run better later in the night! This also increases the learning potential as you’ll get to really know, say, the Loire Valley after one of these parties!


  1. Glassware - time to invest in wine glasses! Ideally this is the time to use glasses with stems to really get into the vibe, but stemless will work just fine. And if you want to go all out, buy some nice glasses, or head over to Home Goods and find some cheapies. 
  2. Wine bottle bags - SUPER IMPORTANT. If you don’t have wine bottle bags, someone will have to moderate and hide the wine bottles in the kitchen while pouring each glass for everyone. We have used craft paper lunch bags in the past (if you do this, buy extra tall ones), or you can buy a legit blind tasting bag off Amazon. Make sure you place every wine into its own bag and then number the bag #1 through however many wines you have. Separate the whites from reds from roses if you have all three. 
  3. Notepads - give everyone a pen and paper to write their predictions on
  4. Scoreboard - you can AirPlay an excel spreadsheet on to your TV, or use a white board if you have one! We have a big whiteboard that we use, but you could also just designate someone as the log keeper and use a notebook. 

How to Set Up the Scoreboard

In one column, put each players name on the left of the white board (or paper) and, in one row, place on the top however many wines you have (ideally one per person). E.g. “Wine #1” 

For each wine, and for each player, write in the player’s final guess for which wine varietal they think it is.

If everyone agrees to it, a word bank consisting of all possible wines can be placed somewhere for all to see to facilitate guesses.

Wine Tasting Order

Ideally, in a tasting, you would taste wines from white to red and light bodied to full bodied. Really all you want to do here is taste the whites first and then the reds.  

Pleading Your Case

After the wine has been poured for everyone and a minute or two of time has passed for deliberation, each player has to describe what they are tasting and what wine varietal they think is in their glass!

This is the part that can make this game really fun. Encourage people to get really creative with their descriptions ;)

Revealing the Wines

The suspense is over! Have anyone go back and grab the wines in any order and start to pull them out. You’ll start to see tears coming from peoples faces at this point when they thought a Pinot Noir was a Zinfandel.

Prizes and Penalties

Who guessed the most wines correctly?

If bets were placed, winner gets the prize purse. Or he/she gets to take home any and all wine left over.

Loser’s penalty is decided amongst the group. 

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