2019 Eric Kent "UntetheRed" Red Blend, Sonoma County
2019 Eric Kent "UntetheRed" Red Blend, Sonoma County

2019 Eric Kent "UntetheRed" Red Blend, Sonoma County

2019 Eric Kent "UntetheRed" Red Blend, Sonoma County

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Eric Kent Wines is a boutique producer of Sonoma County wines featuring inspiring artists’ work on their labels. As a winemaker and artist team they combined their passions to create a label that celebrates craft both inside and outside the bottle. Their goal is to capture a bit of the best California has to offer in every glass, creating wines that are proud of their bold fruit and yet still able to seduce you with their nuance and finesse.

Winemaker Tasting Notes "Syrah brings ripe, black fruit flavors while peppery Grenache adds spice and vivacity. Finally, a small dose of Cabernet Sauvignon ties it all together with a dusty, fine structure."
Varieties 47% Syrah | 43% Grenache | 10% Cabernet Sauvignon
Region Sonoma County, CA
Volume 750ml
Alcohol Volume 14.9%


The first Castellare di Castellina vintage dates back to 1977. On its label appears a goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis). The decision to use this delightful little bird, very common in the Tuscan countryside and also highly celebrated in its iconography (see the Madonna of the Goldfinch by Raphael) was taken not only to pay homage to its beauty but also for a specific reason linked to what is now called our vision or production philosophy. In the Chianti, the factor that more than anything else is endangering bird life, whether local or migratory, is not hunting but the use of pesticides, widespread in growing both intensive and specialised crops such as vines. The decision of Castellare di Castellina, which foreshadowed similar policies later pursued by other estates, has been to avoid the use of herbicides, pesticides and all other types of systemic chemicals. From that very first label, each new vintage of Castellare di Castellina pays homage to one of the many bird species that make the Chianti countryside more colorful and melodious but that the indiscriminate use of synthetic chemicals is placing under threat. This was an environmentally-friendly choice that was then extended to all other estates of the Domini Castellare di Castellina. Inspired by the original vision of Castellare di Castellina, Rocca di Frassinello has continued further along the path of sustainability

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