2022 Yves Duport 'Le Marginal' Field Blend, Vin de France

2022 Yves Duport 'Le Marginal' Field Blend, Vin de France

2022 Yves Duport 'Le Marginal' Field Blend, Vin de France

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"Le Marginal" embodies the essence of a perfect chilled red. It encapsulates everything one desires in such a wine – freshness, joyfulness, and a fruity character, all complemented by a subtle hint of tannin that gracefully emerges as the wine unfolds its layers. No complications, no frills – just a clean, easy,  and immensely enjoyable experience. "Le Marginal" is a testament to the art of winemaking, offering a pure expression of fun in every sip."

"Ripe red fruits, spices, floral notes Palate: Elegant tannins, balanced structure, refreshing acidity, fruity flavors."
Varieties: 75% Mondeuse, 25% Jacquère
Region: Vin de France from the Savoie Region
Volume: 750ml
Alcohol: 13% ABV
Farming Practice: Certified Organic
Soil Type: Granitic
Sulfur: 0 PPM

A respect for Nature that starts in the vineyard
Since 2007, we have switched entirely to organic farming and biodynamics. This is how I give freedom to nature, both in terms of the soil through ploughing and for my vines, which draw everything they need for their balance. This viticulture method gives full meaning to the expression of the terroirs that I express through our different wines.

"Only in the plant kingdom, the vine makes us understand what the true flavor of the Earth is."
- Colette - Prisons et Paradis 1936

Let the wine express itself and proudly represent its terroir
Our wines are made from a combination of traditional winemaking and the technological advances of recent decades. The use of indigenous yeasts allows the wine to express its true terroir, without the addition of yeasts foreign to our vines. Our wines have a very low dosage of sulphites to preserve the natural aromas of the wine. We prefer filtration, a natural method to stop the fermentation. Minimizing chemical inputs is also one of our objectives to avoid denaturing the wine.

"There's more philosophy in a bottle of wine than in any book."
- Louis Pasteur

Accompanying nature without distorting it
Like a composer, Nature gives you a partition. Working the vine, its soil, the climate of the vintage are notes that nature imposes on you. From soil to plant, then from fruit to juice, a symphony of aromas develops. We also use scientific advances to better understand and protect this living essence. A real goldsmith's work. The final touch is to give it your signature, your personality.

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