Why we started Harvest Wine Shop

We fell in love with wine and we wanted to share our passion with the community we were born and raised in!

We believe that through a bottle of wine, we can create a stronger, closer community.

Andy & Madi Lowry

Andy's Story

In April of 2021, Andy visited Wilson Creek Winery as part of a church retreat. Quite confused about what a church could be doing at a winery, Andy soon found out that one of the owners of Wilson Creek, Mick Wilson, was Andy's pastor's mentor and past youth group leader.

Mick gave a tour of the estate and winery and even let everyone taste wine right out of the tank. Andy thought, "you can be a pastor, drink wine every day, live on a gorgeous Tuscan style villa, and be rich?!" He was sold. That night he watched all the SOMM films and never looked back.

Within the following years, Andy became a Level 3 Certified Sommelier and travelled all over the world with his wife Madi, in search of the perfect bottle of wine.

Madi's Story

Madi has always preferred wine over other alcoholic beverages. Her preferences were initially influenced by her dad and further refined as she began travelling around the world.

Madi learned alongside Andy and gladly took part in any tasting or international trip influenced by his studies. During the summer of 2022, Andy and Madi spent a few weeks in the Loire Valley in France and Tuscany in Italy. This trip specifically made her fall in love with the French lifestyle and the wine varietals produced in the Loire Valley. Don't be surprised if we run away and end up in a cottage in the French countryside one day!