2022 Giovanni Almondo 'Vigne Sparse', Roero Arneis DOCG, Piedmont, Italy

2022 Giovanni Almondo 'Vigne Sparse', Roero Arneis DOCG, Piedmont, Italy

2022 Giovanni Almondo 'Vigne Sparse', Roero Arneis DOCG, Piedmont, Italy

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The Almondo family has lived in the same area for 700 years. That just doesn't happen anymore?! And all the while they have been farmers, so we think they know how to grow some pretty amazing grapes...their vineyards are some of the most expensive and sought after in all of Roero DOCG.

This wine is the purest summary of Arneis. This wine comes from grapes of different vineyards, all within the Montà d’Alba area. Fermented and aged in steel to enhance the original character of Arneis and its floral fragrances.

Winemaker Tasting Notes notes of pear, apple and acacia honey, with citrus and green hints. On the palate, the lingering of a fruity aroma, with a slightly tasty finish
Variety 100% Arneis
Region Roero Arneis DOCG (Piedmont, Italy)
Volume 750ml
Alcohol Volume 13.0%


700 years in the heart of Roero

Our family has been in the civic registry of Montà since the 1300’s. And generation after generation, we have always lived at Vittori di Montà, historical heart of the region rural life, today at the centre of the Arneis vineyards.

Roero is a rural area and always has been: beside the white grapevine, grown here for centuries, this land has always been considered exceptional for asparagus, strawberries and peaches. A type of agriculture where wine-growing was not the absolute protagonist. In 1980, after graduating in agricultural sciences, the young Domenico Almondo felt it was time to change. He headed straight for a quality wine-growing, aspiring to create an elegant Arneis, full of character and standing out for its fragrance and minerality, provided by the Montà terroir.

A journey going from the first experiments to the guarantee of modern technology: temperature control, use of inert gas in all wine cellar operations, wise management of reduction and fine lees.

This is what the Almondo style is all about, great fragrance and deep mineral qualities.

All within the family

We are a family of winemakers, and we come from a family of winemakers. All the activities, both in the vineyards and in the cellar, are carried out directly and personally by our family. There is always an Almondo pruning, harvesting, making wine, drawing off, bottling.

Every day, we are in the vineyards and in the cellar. So, every bunch we select during harvest, we have known for a year, grape by grape. Because we have lived together every day.

That is why we don’t have a calling as traders, but only as grape and wine producers.

A family is made up of generations and we are giving life to the new generation of Arneis. In cooperation with Turin IVV-CNR, we launched the project of a clonal selection of Arneis. Based on old vines of Arneis from the whole Montà area, we are giving birth to new plants fit for our terroir, which will enhance the clonal variability of our vineyards. After 700 years, we love Montà like the first day.

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