2022 Jos! 'Flash' Skin Contact, Kakheti, Georgia
2022 Jos! 'Flash' Skin Contact, Kakheti, Georgia

2022 Jos! 'Flash' Skin Contact, Kakheti, Georgia

2022 Jos! 'Flash' Skin Contact, Kakheti, Georgia

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"Jos! focuses on creating terroir-driven, natural wines with the lowest possible manipulation in the vineyard and in the winery. Dry farming, careful harvesting practices, controlled yields, precise temperature control throughout the winemaking process, no added sulfates, and no filtration - results in the wines that express their purest form, as Nature intended it."

Winemaker Tasting Notes "Very light and fresh, Flash Orange is a simple and aromatic orange wine. With a soft mouthfeel and bright finish it displays aromas of peach flower, melon rind, flowers, and raisins. Delicious as an aperitif, we can also enjoy it with a mezze platter and brie."
Variety 70% Mtsvane, 30% Kisi (indigenous grapes of Georgia)
Region Kakheti, Georgia
Volume 750ml
Alcohol Volume 13.0%


Our Philosophy and Approach.

In the vineyard.

We believe that a great wine should invoke a sense of place. As much as a great book, a great wine has a story to tell about its terroir. This all starts in the soil and in the vineyard. Careful approach to creating a biodiverse and self sustainable ecosystem within a vineyard is key to ensuring that the future wine will be the purest representation of its unique terroir. Vineyard, as any other living and breathing creature, has its seasons and timing that must be respected and adhered to if one wishes to achieve the vineyards’ greatest potential. When the life in vineyard is in harmony, the vine produces some of the most complex expressions of itself - which results in the ultimate pleasure in the glass. Complete absence of use of any fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides as part of the organic farming practices is a major key in developing quality in the vineyard.

In the winery.

Winemakers task is to assist the Nature in making the wine by supporting correct temperatures and giving the necessary time and vessels for the wine to complete its fermentation. The wine ferments on its native ambient yeast that grows with it in the vineyard and lives in the winery. No or very little sulfates are added and the wine is not filtered or fined prior to bottling. Honest work in the winery delivers a unique expression of the terroir and the vintage, which later wine translates to one’s palate when consumed.

On the table.

We believe that wine is a companionship beverage to be consumed with friends and family. We focus on crating approachable, everyday wines that would be enjoyable to our consumers from all backgrounds. Would it be a festive brunch with bubbly Pet Nats, or a hot summer night with a bottle of refreshing Orange wine, or a family dinner with some carbonic reds and good food - we believe our wine will be a good fit for any occasion. Wine invokes joy and makes your daily life moments memorable. As a famous saying goes - “wine does not exist until it’s drunk”.

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