All About Shiraz

Feb 23, 2024by Andrew Lowry

Lately, we've been asked when we are going to stock Aussie wine. Answer: REALLY SOON. In advance of our Australian wine drop, here's a short write-up on Australia's most famous grape, Shiraz! When it comes to Australian wine, Shiraz is a true standout. Known for its bold flavors and rich history, Shiraz has captured the hearts of wine enthusiasts around the world.

What makes Shiraz unique?

Shiraz, also known as Syrah in other parts of the world, is a dark-skinned grape variety that thrives in the diverse terroir of Australia. The warm climate and varied soil types contribute to the unique characteristics of Australian Shiraz, resulting in wines that are full-bodied, rich, and packed with flavor.

What flavors can you expect?

When you pour yourself a glass of Australian Shiraz, you can expect to be greeted with a burst of flavors. Bold blackberry and plum notes to hints of pepper, chocolate, and even eucalyptus.

Pairing Shiraz with food

Thanks to its robust flavors and well-balanced acidity, Shiraz pairs beautifully with a wide range of dishes from juicy steaks, to a hearty pasta dish, or a selection of gourmet cheeses. We pick Shiraz over Cabernet Sauvignon at steak houses because it'll deliver the same experience at a lower price point!

Exploring the regions

Barossa Valley: A Shiraz Haven

The Barossa Valley in South Australia is renowned for producing some of the best Australian Shiraz. With its warm climate and diverse soil types, this region consistently produces full-bodied wines with intense flavors. Look out for iconic producers like Penfolds, Henschke, and Torbreck.

Hunter Valley: A Unique Expression

For a different take on Australian Shiraz, head to the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. Known for its medium-bodied Shiraz with a more elegant and peppery profile, this region offers a unique expression of the varietal. Try wines from producers like Tyrrell's and Brokenwood.

McLaren Vale: Coastal Elegance

Located near the coast in South Australia, McLaren Vale is another top region for Australian Shiraz. The maritime influence in this area results in wines with a perfect balance of fruit, spice, and acidity. Keep an eye out for Shiraz from d'Arenberg, Mollydooker, and Wirra Wirra.

Yarra Valley: Cool Climate Charm

If you prefer a cooler climate style of Shiraz, the Yarra Valley in Victoria is the place to explore. With its higher elevation and cooler temperatures, this region produces Shiraz with bright fruit flavors and a more delicate structure. Check out wines from producers like Yering Station and Oakridge.

Adelaide Hills: Modern Takes on the Classics

Adelaide Hills Shiraz is known for its unique cool climate, which allows the grapes to ripen slowly and develop complex flavors. This results in elegant wines, with vibrant fruit flavors and a distinct peppery note. The region's high altitude and diverse terroir also play a significant role in shaping the character of the Shiraz produced here.

Who are the top producers in Adelaide Hills?

Some of the top producers of Adelaide Hills Shiraz include iconic wineries such as Shaw + Smith, Henschke, and Penfolds. These producers are known for their commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. Their Shiraz wines consistently receive high praise from critics and wine enthusiasts alike, making them sought after around the world.