Harvest's Top 10 Holiday Gifts of 2023

Nov 24, 2023by Andrew Lowry

We've created a list of gifts that any wine enthusiast would be thrilled to receive this holiday season. These are arranged in no particular order and the links are embedded in the titles. Without further ado:

1. Noble Rot Wine Mag Subscription

Simply the most fun publication on wine there is.

Issue 33

2. The Sauvignon Blanc Drinker's Wine Glass

These are some of the best glasses to drink out of. Period. So light and thin that you'll feel like the wine just levitated into your mouth.

The Aromatic - Harvest Wine Shop

3. Harvest Wine Shop's 3 Month Wine Membership (or longer)

We don't just send you 3 bottles of wine every month, we also send you a digital magazine that tells you where they came from and how they were made so you can enjoy wine to the fullest.

4. Trip to Paso Robles

We think Paso is the best place in California to drink wine right now. Plan yourself, or hit us up and we'll plan a trip for you.

Tour Wine Country in Paso Robles | Official Site of Paso Robles, CA

5. Le Creuset Wine Cooler Sleeve

We use this more than any other wine "tool" out there. And we've tried A LOT. So easy to throw in a picnic basket to ensure your wine doesn't warm up too much. And did you know most red wine needs to be chilled too?

Wine Cooler Sleeve image number 1

6. California Wine Map Puzzle

These puzzles are a super fun way to get to know the wine regions of the world; and they are challenging!

Wine Puzzle - California

7. La Tienda Glass Porrón Wine Pitcher

The party doesn't start until the person with the porrón walks in! These aren't decanters, necessarily. These are used to pour wine into your mouth! 

8. Coravin Timeless 6+ Mist

The Coravin has saved us more money than it costs.

How many times have you opened a bottle of wine and decided you don't want the whole bottle?

How many times have you opened a bottle of wine and felt like you had to drink it all, and so you did?

This tool allows you to satisfy your craving for a glass of wine without either having to toss the rest or drink the rest when you know you probably shouldn't.

Timeless Six Mist Premium Bundle

9. Stemware Rack

Show off your crystal with this wine rack.

Alt image 1 for Hold Everything Under Cabinet Stemware Rack

10. Market Tote

If you wanna be the King or Queen of your local farmers' market, you're gonna need this tote.

Alt image 1 for Market Tote