Last minute Father's Day gift guide

Jun 7, 2023by Andrew Lowry

by Andrew Lowry

Wine lovers,

This week, in honor of Father’s Day, we’ve decided to send one impromptu email so we can rest easy that your Father will be taken care of.


#1: 2015 Rioja Gran Reserva Prado Enea by Muga

This Spanish Red Blend of Tempranillo, Garnacha, Carignan, and Graciano is sure to impress any Dad. Aged 36 months in French and American oak barrels, this wine is built to last, but can also be had now with the help of Gift #2.

#2: Glass Porrón Wine Pitcher

This traditional Spanish Porrón will decant his Rioja Gran Reserva perfectly (we recommend 1-hour minimum), and we like the alternative look when compared to other, more modern decanters.

#3: Horizon 12 oz Wine Tumbler & 25 oz Wine Bottle

For the outdoors Dad/ the discreet Dad/ or the “sit out in left field at the Little League game” Dad. This tumbler and bottle combo will keep his wine preserved just right for the moment he needs it most.

#4: Corkscrews for every occasion

The first is badass, the second is for the really old bottle he’s been saving (warning: very expensive), and the third is the best corkscrew he can buy for everyday use —and it happens to be a Lowry Wine Co. custom. [USE CODE: cooldadsdrinkwine at checkout for BOGO FREE!]

#5: CORAVIN Timeless Six+

The Coravin is just a must-have if he drinks wine on the reg. This nifty apparatus can pour a glass of wine without ever opening the bottle. It’ll pay for itself — ever open a bottle that you couldn’t finish, just to pour it out the next morning? Not anymore. It’s also 30% off right now for Father’s Day.

#6: Super manly wine racks

Here, we have three countertop wine rack options. The first is a crowd pleaser, the second is for the Dad who knows it’s actually all about the Mom, and the third is a good middle ground; we like how it can be stacked as he accumulates bottles and can double as a stand for many other kitchen items, too.

#7: Ivation 28 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Although wine can be stored on the shelf for a short while, we recommend getting a fridge if he’s going to keep a bottle for more than a few months. This will ensure that the bottle is perfectly preserved for that special occasion.

#8: Costco Membership

Although we hear you don’t actually need a Costco membership to buy alcohol, might as well get one because Costco is the best. They always sell top-quality wine on the wooden wine shelves, and you can find some gems stacked in the bulk section, too.

#9: 2021 Stunt, Red Wine, Sonoma County

Tank Garage Winery in Calistoga, Napa Valley, CA is one of our absolute favorites.

Their labels are the best, and the wine inside is even better.

This Cab Sav, named Stunt, will surely impress Pops as he grills up his finest ribeye.

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