Our Philosophy

Apr 19, 2023by Andrew Lowry

At Harvest Wine Shopwe don’t think you have to spend a fortune to enjoy amazing wine — we know you don’t. You will find wines here that could easily sell for double, even triple, the price. 

Don’t get us wrong, many of the BEST wines in the world are also the MOST expensive, and there is a reason for that.

Expensive wines should be delicious and high quality, but that isn’t always the case. It depends highly on the person drinking it.

That’s why at Harvest Wine Shop we aim to meet two benchmarks: (1) to only sell wines with an amazing QPR (Quality to Price Ratio), and (2) to only sell delicious wines — we hope your palettes agree with us on this one. 

Now for a quick blurb on the subjectivity of wine…

Quality wine can be loved or hated depending on the person drinking it — wine experiences are subjective. To say it another way, Tom Hanks is one of the best actors of all time. Maybe his acting style doesn’t work for you. But objectively speaking, he is still a great actor and meets the criteria to be regarded as such. The same goes for wines. Now go watch, The Terminal. Yeah. Amazing. 

Above all else, our motivation for starting Harvest Wine Shop is to connect people with amazing wines that they may never have found just by shopping at their local liquor store, grocery store, or gas station. 

After you navigate through our carefully curated wine selection, see a recommended bottle via our social media page or blog, or consult with our certified sommelier (chat with us anytime), we hope you will gain newfound confidence the next time you shop for wine, either at our store or at your favorite neighborhood wine shop.

Okay…we’d be lying if we didn’t mention another reason for starting Harvest Wine Shop...


We truly are cork dorks. We think the world of wine is so interesting and so much fun! We hope you start to think of wine in a whole new way after sticking with us for some time. If, through wine tasting and wine education, we can change just one person’s life for the better, then this venture will all have been worth it.

Ultimately, we started this project because life is all about sharing passions, sharing stories, and sharing quality time with good people. Nothing's quite better than a full table of friends and family all sharing a favorite bottle (or three) of wine. We hope to bring more of this to our La Mesa (San Diego) community.


The Lowry Family