The Ultimate Wine List

Mar 28, 2024by Andrew Lowry

The Wine Bible, by Karen MacNeil, is a deep dive into the world of wine. It is a true work of art. At its core, this book is nothing more than a (serendipitous) walk through every major wine region, touching on major grapes, soil types, differing climates and even regional cuisine. But this book doesn’t read like a technical manuscript, rather, it captures you like the finest novel would and fills you with wanderlust and emotion similar to the infamous Eat, Pray, Love. 

At the end of every chapter (region), Karen MacNeil lists the most sensational wines that she and her team recommends. Lowry Wine Co has gone through and transcribed them all onto a Google Sheet with current prices (derived from Wine Searcher). Some wines were quite obscure and a price could not be found. Please email or DM us if you can help with that! 

Hopefully you can start to check these world renowned wines off one by one. Our hope is that this can be a quick pocket guide for your next trip to your favorite wine store (LWC maybe?) We surely won’t be able to stock all of these wine so use Wine Searcher and go support a local wine shop!

 These wines are from the 2nd Edition. We are working on compiling the wines from her newly published 3rd edition. Nevertheless, these wines are worth seeking out!