NV D'Armanville Brut Champagne

NV D'Armanville Brut Champagne

NV D'Armanville Brut Champagne

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D'Armanville has been crafting fine Champagne from the Côte des Bar region for 150 years. 

"Plenty of chamomile and spice followed by ripe pear and sweet hay aromas mark this value-priced Champagne from the Arce Valley's D'Armanville, which has been making wine in the region for 150 years. Flavours of bruised apples and toasted biscuit, along with notes of beeswax and a touch of almond cream. 90 points." - Decanter 1/24
Varieties: 90% Pinot Noir, 10% Chardonnay
Region: Champagne, France, from Cote des Bar
Volume: 750ml
Alcohol: 12.5% ABV
Farming Practice: Conventional
Soil Type: Limestone
Sulfur: unknown

*Expect deliveries of this wine to start week of 15 July.

Established in the Arce Valley, an illustrious winemaker, talented oenologist and travel enthusiast, travelled the world with the desire to share his expertise and his passion.

During one of his trips to America, he met Lady D'Armanville, whom he fell madly in love with. She loved Champagne so the winemaker decided to make an exceptional wine just for her. He wanted it to be a “grand vin” (with bubbles) and hence D’Armanville Champagne was born.

One hundred and fifty years later, the winemaker’s descendants are gathered today around a union of producers, still in the Arce Valley, where the style and spirit of Champagne D’Armanville endures.

Great care is given to the vines and grapes used to make Champagne D’Armanville.

From the vines to the grapes
It takes at least two years to grow grapes. Grapevines are wild plants that man learned to domesticate to use its fruit. Human hands thus shape the vines in order to grow the best grapes.

Different tasks are carried out in the vineyards each season. Winter marks the beginning of the cycle. Pruning is the most fundamental work in the vineyard. Its purpose is to eliminate vine shoots (woods and stems of the vine), and select those buds that will sprout and bear fruit for the next harvest. Pruning starts in November as soon as the leaves begin to fall. The first buds and leaves appear in the spring. As for the flowers, they usually appear during the first nice days of summer. According to local winemakers, the harvest begins between 90 to 100 days after the flowers bloom.

The vineyard is now in full swing. The harvest is an important time for the winemakers. Each vineyard provides the necessary care in picking grapes in addition to all their hard work throughout the year.

From the grapes to the wine
Pressing is the first step in Champagne winemaking. The juices become wine and then Champagne through traditional methods.

From here, our cellar master uses his creativity and remarkable precision to select the right wines, vineyards, grape varieties, vintages, etc. and create incredibly delicious blends. Every year, he does his best to find the same touch of elegance that made Champagne D’Armanville a “grand vin” when it was first produced.

Then, the know-how of Champagne winemakers takes on its full meaning through the formation of bubbles or “prise de mousse” in French. Stored on their side in a cool dark cellar, bottles of Champagne D’Armanville take years to achieve their full expression and aromas.

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